The Project

One day, the writing on Fascial Nerd will become a book. For now, it’s the (virtual) plot of land we’ve claimed for our own. We’ll be planting seeds here and there, tending to them, and seeing what fruits they produce.

Coming Soon

Membership: You’ll be able to become a fascial nerd, too! Members will be the first to know when the book is ready and will receive access to summaries of the latest research and talks on fascia. (More on that soon.)

Who We Are

Robert Umfress:
I am a manual therapist who is currently in chiropractic school and serving as a student board member for the Fascia Research Society. I am—you guessed it!—a fascial nerd, and I write the content for the site.

June Lin:
I am an editor and web designer. I am responsible for asking clarifying questions, catching typos, and making sure the site is working as intended.

How to Contribute

We’re always open to feedback and more questions! Reach out by emailing or filling out the form below.