How you interact with a client or patient matters as much as the treatment. They are more than just a body in a room. It’s tough to mobilize a guarded nervous system.

Every time I teach a class about clinical manual therapy I make sure I start and finish with this statement.

So often when soft tissue work is performed, the person is treated as an object to manipulate instead of a complex person with many connected systems. Even on social media and at workshops I see people just grabbing and pushing and pulling, ignoring the person inside the body.

I’m not an expert on trauma but you have to keep in mind that a large chunk of our population is dealing with or has dealt with trauma. If you want to help them heal, you have to treat them like a person.

It doesn’t take much effort to be kind and warm to someone. The plus side is the patient likely hasn’t been treated as more than their diagnosis in a clinical setting so they are very likely to want to keep coming back and listening to what you say.

Connection is the first part of the treatment.